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Feb 2024

What does Unisex perfume mean?

In recent decades, especially in the world of niche perfumes and among the younger generations, unisex perfumes have begun to make their way, wearable by men and women regardless of gender.

One of the first unisex perfumes that became known to the general public was launched in 1994 and was such a popular fragrance that it started a new trend in the world of perfumes.

Today, the fragrance we wear is no longer a hallmark of gender but an extension of one’s personality. We wear perfume as if it were a second skin, to express ourselves and convey our unique individuality.
But what exactly does unisex perfume mean and what are its characteristics?


What is unisex perfume and what differentiates it from others?

Traditionally, in the world of perfumery, there are aromas associated with women’s perfumes and other olfactory notes more commonly used in men’s perfumes. It is an archaic association that we are all accustomed to making, dating back to ancient times.

If we close our eyes and imagine a woman’s perfume, we will probably think of a flowery perfume. In fact, floral chords are traditionally associated with women, recalling their femininity, delicacy, and elegance.

In men’s perfumes, however, we find notes that evoke virility, courage, strength, and stability: the base of these fragrances is almost always a woody chord, enriched with herbaceous or tobacco notes.

In unisex fragrances, however, there is no such clear and distinctive base. The notes are mixed together and are perceived at the same time, thus creating universal perfumes that have no feminine or masculine references but can be worn by everyone without distinction. Without stereotypes, restraints, and inhibitions.

Neutrality is also sought in packaging, with minimalist shapes that adapt to both genders.


Why choose a unisex perfume? Advantages

Choosing a unisex perfume means exercising your freedom of choice and individual expression, based solely on your personal tastes, without being tied to gender labels.

This also means experiencing a much wider range of fragrances and olfactory mixes, letting yourself be carried away and choosing a perfume that expresses your individuality and uniqueness, beyond any stereotype.

And if this is the most relevant advantage, there are others:

  • Versatility: Many unisex perfumes have fresh, light notes, hints of fresh fruit, citrus, and herbaceous notes. They are therefore perfect for any occasion, versatile and practical.
  • Sharing: Multiple people in the same household can use the same perfume. This means less waste but also the possibility of increasing the sense of belonging and connection between people.


Are there also disadvantages?

It depends. If you want a perfume that enhances femininity or masculinity, unisex perfume is probably not the right choice for you.

Furthermore, in the world of classic perfumery, unisex fragrances are often fresh and light, they can seem monotonous and all similar to each other.

However, this does not happen in the world of artistic perfumery, where contrasts, research, and art give rise to unique and innovative olfactory mixes.


Unisex perfume: the future of perfumery

Unisex perfume is an innovation that represents the future of perfumery, in accordance with an increasingly open and inclusive society.

This new vision of perfume will increasingly lead the way, intended as a means of expressing oneself, asserting one’s personality, and revealing one’s true essence.

This is also what we do at Flos Floris: offering you high-quality, unconventional unisex products. So that you can express who you are, without limits and inhibitions.

Our LUX line fragrances are all unisex but never predictable: they leave a trail of bold and unique charm. Luxury perfumes are made in limited editions, ensuring quality and exclusivity.

Five fragrances for diverse personalities, all sharing a timeless appeal and a desire to make you feel like who you truly are, without limits or conventions; created in collaboration with atelier Fragranze Milano and nose perfumer Luca Maffei.

An innovative vision that is also revealed in its minimalist designer packaging, which can take on new life and be transformed into many other objects, with only one limit: your imagination.

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