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Mar 2024

An intriguing ingredient for our exclusive fragrances: Cannabis

In the world of niche perfumery, the search for unique and enveloping ingredients is the secret to creating memorable and distinctive fragrances.

At Flos Floris we wanted to embrace innovation by introducing a special ingredient into our creations: Cannabis.

In this article, we’ll explore the reason behind this bold choice, define what cannabis really is, and understand how this element transformed Flos Floris.


Why exactly this plant?

Cannabis, also known as Marijuana, is an intriguing ingredient that is gaining more and more space in the world of luxury perfumery. Its aromatic complexity offers a range of nuances that perfectly match our core philosophy: to create unique, inebriating and out-of-the-ordinary sensory experiences. 

Cannabis-based fragrances differ considerably from each other, depending on the manufacturing techniques. This diversity helps to ensure that each of them offers a unique olfactory experience.

The combination of notes gives a touch of sensuality that gradually manifests itself, enveloping the wearer in an evocative aura.

In addition, in the field of aromatherapy, it is believed that the fragrance with this ingredient can relieve emotional tensions, manifesting a calming and rebalancing effect. Aromas awaken deep feelings and have the ability to influence your mood and energy.


What specifically is this ingredient?

Cannabis is a plant belonging to the Cannabaceae family, known for its resinous flowers rich in aromatic compounds called terpenes and cannabinoids. These compounds are responsible for the wide range of scents and flavors associated with cannabis, ranging from herbaceous and earthy to woody and citrusy.

Cannabis has also been used historically for various purposes, including the recreational, medicinal, and industrial ones.


Why did we choose cannabis as a recurring element in our perfumes?

First, its aromatic complexity adds an intriguing and distinctive character to the brand’s creations. The plant’s pungent notes blend harmoniously with other ingredients, creating a unique and enveloping bouquet, with more citrusy, but also spicy and woody notes, thus transforming Flos Floris perfumes into refined and clearly recognizable fragrances.

The choice of cannabis is a declaration of exclusivity.

We are committed to using high quality ingredients that represent niche fragrances and cannabis is part of this vision.

Marijuana also represents a farewell to bigotry and a manifesto for modernity. It is a true cultural stance: a rebellion aimed at moving away from clichés and traditionalisms, in order to embrace a freer and wilder philosophy. Hedonism becomes a sensory journey wrapped in seductive and rebellious notes.


Conventions do not work for Flos Floris: we like to break patterns, make revolutions

Our goal is to lead you to express who you are, without restraints and inhibitions. We invite you to embrace the olfactory power of a fragrance that speaks your language, breaks conventional patterns and celebrates your uniqueness. With our selections, discover the luxury of being yourself, without compromise, in a world where perfume becomes the indelible signature of your authenticity.

The cannabis we use is the result of careful research and meticulous selection. This approach to ingredient selection emphasizes the attention to detail and dedication to creating scents that are not only luxurious, but also inspired by the environment. A harmonious combination of mere luxury and the essence of nature.

Flos Floris stands out as an exclusive brand, with a range of unisex fragrances that defies convention and captures the essence of unique olfactory experiences.

In contemporary times, the fragrance we choose to wear is not limited to outlining our gender, but becomes an emanation of our personality. Perfume becomes a second skin, a way of expressing and affirming our individuality. The essences intertwine and reveal themselves simultaneously, giving rise to universal fragrances devoid of genre connotations. Unisex perfumes can be worn freely by anyone, overcoming stereotypes, limits and restrictions, without any imposed distinctions.

Elegant luxury fragrances that leave an indelible mark, revealing to the world a character shrouded in mystery, able to fascinate and capture the imagination.

Perfume is the common thread of memory.

Let your presence be an indelible mark by choosing our proposals.

Try a Flos Floris fragrance enriched by the acute notes of our special ingredient and immerse yourself in an olfactory experience without limits or precedents.


Be part of the Revolution.


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