Get free perfume samples with the purchase of a perfume! In Italy, shipping is free for orders over 100 euros. Get free perfume samples with the purchase of a perfume! In Italy, shipping is free for orders over 100 euros. Get free perfume samples with the purchase of a perfume! In Italy, shipping is free for orders over 100 euros. Get free perfume samples with the purchase of a perfume! In Italy, shipping is free for orders over 100 euros.

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Apr 2024

How to wear perfume: 5 tips to leave your mark

When it comes to perfume, there are often various doubts about where it is best to spray it, the method to make it last as long as possible and the techniques to keep it at its best. This shows that perfume is not just a cosmetic product, but a way to communicate our image and express our personality to others. Let’s analyze, then, the answers to all these questions, to find out how to leave an unforgettable trail. 

Where do you spray the perfume?

You have probably already heard the golden rule, according to which perfume must be sprayed where the heart beats, meaning wrists and neck. However, there are other equally important parts of the body for the diffusion and persistence of fragrances:

  • As already mentioned, the wrists and neck are the most classic and well-known;
  • The inside of the arms and behind the ears are areas that emit a large amount of heat, which helps the perfume distribute with greater intensity;
  • The part behind the knees, the calves and the ankles are the least considered areas, however, especially during summer when they are exposed, they allow the perfume to gradually rise on the body;
  • For men, the chest can be an ideal area to spray the fragrance;
  • Clothes and fabrics can be excellent perfume diffusers but keep in mind the risk of staining them with dyes present in the product.

Some ways to use perfume to leave the trail

Reflecting on the various techniques to make a perfume last longer, there are some tips regarding, this time, the methods of application:

  1. Spray the fragrance about 15-20 centimeters from the interested part of the body, to distribute the spray more evenly and to avoid obtaining a “wet” effect;
  2. Understand the right amount of perfume to spray, which varies according to its type and intensity, but also to the situation in which you find yourself. For example, when you come into contact with fragile subjects or when you are in the office or in particularly formal environments, you should put less perfume or use a lighter one. For this reason, it is important to understand how to choose a perfume and how it can fit both us and the others;
  3. Avoid rubbing the wrists together, as the heat caused by friction could alter the fragrance;
  4. Do not overlap perfumes with each other or with deodorants, creams and aftershave, because by doing so you run the risk of devaluing the fragrance and creating unpleasant or even annoying mixtures;
  5. Apply the fragrance immediately after the shower, on a dry body, because this way the warm skin and the dilated pores absorb it even more. Remember that regardless, perfume should always be put on clean skin, to avoid mixing it with sweat and unpleasant smells. 


How to preserve the scent to make it last longer

Although fragrances have limited durability, it is still possible to preserve them longer through small precautions, that prevent the fragrance from losing its original aroma.

The most effective technique is to keep the scent in cool, dry places, away from heat, direct light and moisture. Therefore, avoid placing it in the bathroom, where there are steam and constant temperature changes, and instead keep it in the bedroom, inside drawers or, even better, in its original box

Either way, remember that the cap must be tightly closed and, in case of its absence, keep the perfume inside its package. 

Proper preservation of the fragrance would not only keep it fresh, but also reduce unnecessary waste. For us at Flos Floris, sustainability is part of our mission. For this reason, we have designed a packaging with a unique and sustainable design, which can be reused as an object of decoration, a pocket emptier, a makeup bag or even an elegant bottle holder. 

Therefore, we want to create products that go beyond the superficial aspect and that contribute to a better future for our planet.

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