Get free perfume samples with the purchase of a perfume! In Italy, shipping is free for orders over 100 euros. Get free perfume samples with the purchase of a perfume! In Italy, shipping is free for orders over 100 euros. Get free perfume samples with the purchase of a perfume! In Italy, shipping is free for orders over 100 euros. Get free perfume samples with the purchase of a perfume! In Italy, shipping is free for orders over 100 euros.

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Nov 2023

How do you choose a perfume? The rules for finding the perfect fragrance

Choosing a perfume is something that goes beyond pure personal taste. Appreciating its olfactory notes is not enough: the ideal perfume is the one that represents you, that reveals your essence, and that you wear like a second skin.

An olfactory signature that leaves its mark and illuminates your personality.

How, then, to choose the perfect perfume? Follow our advice and find your ideal fragrance.


Rules for choosing the ideal perfume

To get your bearings in the magical world of fragrances and olfactory families, you can start from perfumes you have loved in the past: analyze their olfactory pyramid and discover which notes most often win you over.

In choosing, also consider the occasion on which you want to wear it and the feelings you want to evoke within yourself.

Are you looking for a perfume that makes you feel neat and composed for the office or one that evokes sensuality for a glamorous evening? Do you want a lively, fresh energy or the sweetness and warmth of a fragrance with notes of vanilla?

Fragrances stir deep emotions and have the power to affect your mood and energy.

Now it is time to smell and let yourself be carried away by the unique sensations of each individual fragrance. Follow these simple rules to make the right choice.


A couple of perfumes at a time, starting with the lightest

Our advice is to smell a couple of fragrances at a time, giving you time to wait for its evolution on the mouillette and capture the various nuances. A break between one perfume and another can help you smell each fragrance clearly.

If you want to try perfumes from different olfactory families, remember to start with the lightest fragrances, such as aquatic or musky scents, and leave the most intense scents for last, for example, amber or woody fragrances.


Wear the perfume on your skin and wait

Did a fragrance on the mouillettes win you over? Try it on your wrist or in the crook of your arm and wear it for a few hours to appreciate its full evolution on your skin.

Sense each nuance at different times of the day and let yourself be carried away by the sensations that the fragrance evokes. Do you like it? How does it make you feel?

This is how you will identify your ideal perfume, the one that will make you feel exactly like the person you want to be, revealing your essence and uniqueness.


Take the quality of the perfume into account

Artistic perfumery has particularly elegant and complex olfactory compositions, with long and intriguing evolutions on the skin.

Do you want to select an original, unique perfume? Look for it among the niche fragrances and take into account its evolution over the hours.

Do you want a perfume that lasts all day? Choose a perfume extract that will last much longer than eau de parfum and eau de toilette.


How to choose a perfume online?

Buying perfume online is often the only option if you are looking for unique, unusual, and luxurious fragrances; artistic perfumery is not widely available in physical stores.

To choose a perfume online, it is even more important to start from your personal tastes, analyzing the olfactory notes you have loved in the past and searching them out in the perfume pyramids that intrigue you.

When you can, try to find trial-size samples to test during your daily routine: with the purchase of our fragrances, you will receive samples of the other perfumes that make up the Lux line.

Or you can opt for a box set with the 5 fragrances in mini format, so you can try them out first and decide later which is your favorite, to be repurchased periodically.

Read the descriptions carefully: they will transport you into the mood of the perfumes, and you will discover the deep-seated essence of each scent, the sensations sought by those who created it, and the emotions it evokes when wearing it.

Dive in and simply let yourself be seduced!

Behind an artistic fragrance, there is much more than a mix of fragrant essences: there is an idea, a vision, a story that is told through the most instinctive of our five senses.


Enter the world of Flos Floris and find your Lux

Flos Floris was born over 10 years ago as a clothing brand with unique and innovative designs. A timeless style but with a vision oriented toward the future.

A futuristic vision that today is carried into the world of niche perfumery with the launch of the LUX collection: five cutting-edge fragrances, produced in limited pieces, that embody the luxury of the future and leave their mark, created in collaboration with atelier Fragranze Milano and nose perfumer Luca Maffei.

Each fragrance is an olfactory work of art and beyond. The charm and propensity for fashion are revealed in the refined, innovative, and sustainable designer packaging, designed entirely by Flos Floris. A container to admire but also to be reused in many different ways.

Choosing the brand means choosing fragrances that seduce and leave a trail, produced in Italy, sustainable, and exclusive.



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